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Self Modified MAF

Guest crazytrain2

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Guest crazytrain2

The MAF in my 89 3.8L Buick had gone out - replacement part cost $150 for a "remanufactured" (which with a part like this says its been cleaned and tested to me) part. My trip to a buddies yard yielded 2 MAF from 93 & 95 vintage models. Parts are nearly identical except the sensor cylinder is larger in diameter and slightly longer for sensor protection.

Being the cheapskate I am I decided to try modifying the plastic cylinder by cutting it down in a lathe with offset chuck. To my surprise I seem to have pulled it off without a hitch! Plugged it in, no more check engine light, no stalling, hesitation etc.

Anyone know of any reason I may have regrets if I keep it in?

If not, it goes to show you that even a stopped clock is right twice a day smile.gif

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