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Question Stewart vacuum tank?


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Bought a 28' Buick model 51 off of Craigs list a couple of weeks back. Hasn't been run in many years. No starter came with it and the top was hacked off. " Looks like a true phaeton from 100 yards out." Anyway, poured some gas into the plug holes and had my son tow me around the yard. She fired right up, but that's where we ended. Can anyone tell me how to prime up the vacuum tank? Sorry for sounding so incompetent, I just am. Would I be better off hooking up an electric 6 volt pump for cruising or just keeping the Stewart tank? Much o gracious!

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You might be better off trying rigging a one liter soda bottle for a temporary gas tank and hang it above the carb. Your original gas may get contaminated from the old fuel system unless you clean it first.

I also suggest you double check other fluids and pre-oil your rocker assy. before running it. Be sure you have oil pressure immediately after it starts running too.

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Here are a couple of hints that may save you some trouble with the vacuum tank.

Do not use teflon tape on the fittings. It is a lubricant and you will overtighten the fittings and crack the die cast lid. Use permatex #2 and just get them snug. The permatex will take care of any leaks.

You can use the same copper gaskets (spak plug gaskets) on the filler plug where the gas line enters the top of the tank but put permatex # 2 on them. There is a screen inside the filler plug that may need cleaning. If you do not have one, a modern fuel filter in the gas line will doo a better job. I put mine under the drivers floor board where I can change it from the top without having gas run down my arm.

If you remove the vacuum tank cover, make a new paper gasket and seal it with permatex also.

Getting the float into the inner tank is a challenge so be patient.

Do not mess too much with the phenolic flapper on the outlet of the lower tank or try to remove it.

If you need more help, go to: 1927buicks@yahoogroups.com


Go to


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