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Chrome plating costs


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Hi all,

Does anyone have any recent experience with having parts chrome plated?

I have a 1931 Pierce Arrow which needs the radiator shell and both bumpers replated. There is surface rust on everything but no holes or deep pits.

It's been a long time since I did anything like this, so I'm wondering what kind of money to expect to spend? Northeastern US probably since I'd rather take the parts there myself.

Other suggestions welcome.

--Thanks, Scott

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Hi Scott,

Your question is one where you'll get a ton of answers. One person might swear by someone, while three others will swear at them. I've seen people rave about the quality that a certain plater will do that looks so bad that I wouldn't let them replate a dog leash let alone the bumpers on my car.

I'm not saying anything bad about anyone's abilities, but I will say that we've dealt with four different platers on four different cars, and found someone who we swear by.

Without endorsing anyone, I will say that we send our chrome to a plater in Canada. The canadians can process chrome with chemicals that have been banned by the Environmental Protection Agency, and the chemicals that they use in their process give us what we feel is a better product.

At this point if you plan on keeping the car for yourself, spend the money and do it right, and remember that the plater with the lowest price, may not do the best job.

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Hi- about 5 years ago, I had those very parts chromed at a shop in Harrisburg, Pa. I realize prices have gone up, but here is what I was told. On the radiator shell, I was asked whether I wanted a "factory" finish (which had some minor ripples} or a "show" finish. The cost was $500 and $1200 respectively. Mine is a Model 43, so has the thinner bumper bars. I believe the bars were about $200 each, thus $400 for each bumper not counting the trim pieces.

Now, that was 5 years ago, and if you are quoted twice the above prices, I would not be shocked.

And I agree, poor plating is an eyesore forever, while a quality job is something you can admire for years and years if maintained properly. If you do as the old chauffeurs did, and wipe the chrome withy a soft cloth on a regular basis, it will shine for a long time.

David Coco Winchester Va.

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