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Florida transmission recommendation

K Howie

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I just had to put a good word out for B&B Transmission in Brandon, FL. They rebuilt my transmission a year ago this July and were very nice to work with and did a great job. In September this year, I discovered a leak in the seal at the axle, took it back to them, and they fixed it free of charge even though the warranty ran out in July. While they were working on my car, the ignition switch broke (I knew it was on its way out) so they found a good shop that could repair it immediately and drove the car there for me - and still refused to charge me for their time and effort. If anyone in the area needs transmission help, I highly recommend them.

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Guest spamseptictank

If I may inquire... How much did B&B charge for the rebuild. I may have some business for them.

Another question: Was it a bench-rebuild or did they remove the tranny from the vehicle?

Living in Lakeland, Brandon's not that far away for me.

Thanks for the info.


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Hi - it was $2,405.52 for a total removal and rebuild. Maybe I'm a total sucker and that's not a fair price, but on the receipt, they listed every part and it's individual price and listed every task they performed, which I thought was very nice and honest. If the Buick dealership had done it, the receipt would have just said "transmission assembly" and "labor". Funny (yeah, ha ha) thing was that I picked the car up from the Buick dealership after having new brake lines put in and I could hardly get it out of their parking lot - it was stuck in 3rd gear. I'd heard B&B were good, so rather than walking back into the dealership, I managed to limp the car back to my workplace then called B&B. So, the labor tasks they listed were "remove transmission, dismantle, rebuild, reinstall, flush cooler & lines, check computer for codes with Modis scanner, road test and perform final checks. $17.3 hrs x $65.00." The price also included towing from my office. B&B arranged for the wrecker service and said they added the fee to my bill, although that's the only thing I don't see listed. Their phone number is 813-654-1098.

As for the ignition service, I don't know that I'd recommend that shop (Motor Coach of Brandon, Inc.). It's not that they did a bad job, but it was the first and only time I've used them or heard of them. The ignition works great now but they didn't tighten my battery cables back down all the way so the car went totally dead on me at a traffic light in town and I didn't have a wrench on me so I had to wait there for help while angry people honked at me....anyway back on track here...I'd recommend P&M Motor Works instead. Their address says Tampa but they're right on the Tampa/Brandon line. They come with great recommendations from B&B, a coworker of mine, and a fellow Reatta owner who I chatted with at a stoplight one time. The only problem was that their ignition guy was on jury duty that day and B&B was trying to get my car back to me as quickly as possible. So, they sent the car to their 2nd choice and it was ok. The bill there was $282.49 to open the steering column and replace the broken switch and tilt steering rod associated with it.

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Guest weewilly

that seems like a lot for a transmission rebuild. also most transmission guys subtract the cost of the towing (most transmission problems involve towing) in other words they do not charge for towing if the work is done in there shop.

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