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E041 code Cam Sensor Circuit


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Guest G Froelich

I had that one and E061 come on simultaneously last week as I was driving along a narrow highway at night. The codes were indicating the cam sensor had failed, and with the plugs firing in the right sequence only 1 out of 6 times and the engine cutting out in gear, I pulled over and called a tow truck. I don't know what to say about just the E041, but the field service manual gives a blow by blow diagnosis for every error code.

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Check the wiring and connector to the cam sensor. Also, remove the cam sensor, (only 1 bolt), and use a mirror to inspect the interruptor magnet, installed in the face of the cam sprocket. If the magnet is broken, it may return an intermittent signal, before falling out.

Padgett has an excellent process outlined for cam magnet replacement at Reatta.net

Save big bucks, DIY!!!

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