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headliner 1965 rivi

arnulfo de l.a.

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First of all, what's wrong with the one you have? If it's "coming apart at the seams" and doesn't have any rips in it, you can have new sleeves sewn into it. The biggest problem with these headliners is the cotton thread that was used to sew the pieces together.

You cam find out how hard it is to put in by taking it out. It's stapled at the front and the back and it hangs on bows that run through sleeves. My basic word of caution here is that the bows go only in one place, they're not interchangable.

If you need a black headliner, I have one still in a box. It was installed then immediately removed because I found one the correct color within a couple of days of installing it.


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Guest musclecarfan65

hi arnulfo.

i found a brand new headliner on ebay when i needed to replace the old one ... including material to cover the sail panels. quality was excellent. with help of an expert and special glue it was a matter of 3-4 hours to install the headliner correctly. most of the time we waited for the special glue to dry. best information can be found in the service manual (when i remember that correctly).



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That headliner job is not that difficult. I completed my '63 w/ new sail panels and trim in less than a day. I went with a custom interior (these guys can cut any interior you choose to fit any seat you choose to use). I bought seat covers, door panels, headliner, windlace - the whole enchilada on my resto-mod project. (I have a wheel question posted) The guy who took my order was very knowledgable and helpfull. They will send color swatches for you to see before you order. I'll go back to them on my next project. (I get NO FEE for this endorsement)


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