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Transmission Control Module


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To replace the Transmission Control Module, do you just remove the box from the passenger side fender wall and snap out the module? Or is there much more to it than that? Anyone have a good used module from a 1990 3.0 available? How much $$$?

Any help is appreciated. Buzz

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Hey Buz,

I just can not remember specifically all the steps. After the TCM is replaced you must program it(flash it). you must drive it at a specified speed for a set time brake to a speed then accelerate to a speed then, and then , and then ..... Go to http://www.allpar.com/ Look for trans and keep clicking till you get to the complete procedure ~ Also ~ The box is the module!!! I sent you a PM on your other Computer topic explaining all. DID YOU READ IT.????. I will help you all I can; but do not keep asking over & over again hoping for a different answer. I told you to go to a good trans shop or Chrysler dealer that has an electronic reader for the module. It will give a tech. codes of explanation. That will give an experienced tech.the complete read on the problem. I also explained to you that if your trans was completely rebuilt and all updated mods were installed (as they should be) The original TCM would not work correctly because it does not have built inside the necessary stuff to correctly control the upgraded trans..

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