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1927 Studebaker Dictator paint question

Guest brian j

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Guest imported_brian j

Hi. Brian here again. I've been doing some reading about antique Studebaker paint colors, and my Studebaker is the black lowers,with a dark blue beltline and upper half. The 1927 Dictator didn't have many choices for bright or light color schemes. On a value standpoint,and and an acceptability standpoint, are other tastefully done paint color schemes being done to these cars? Or is it a bad idea? According to a publication i have it states The old Studebakers often were painted in non traditional colors, as much as standard colors. I would like to hear a few opinions on this before i decide. Thanks.

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Guest Good Old Days

<span style="font-family: 'Comic Sans MS'"> :)Hi Brian!

We are working on a 1928 Dictator GE-T Tourer and we asked ourselves the same questions as you do.

We went for a original colorscheme (at least I hope!) after asking several questions about the scheme at the Studebaker Club, no reply unfortunatly. So we chose for a color we found in a sales brochure. Our car was originally the same combination of colors as our President is, green. We now chose the two tone blue and ofcourse black fenders, the blue above the beltline dark blue and the lower body is sky blue!

I hope we made the right decision, we also paint the wood wheels blue. They were green before someone took of the paint and did a natural color on them.

I understand people could order the colors they liked and that the colorschemes before 1929 are hard to find.

I must say the green is not such a bad color, but I didn't want to have two cars from the same year and color.

Good luck with your choice!

Carine</span> cool.gif

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Guest stude8


Attached is a page from a 1928 Studebaker Commander brochure showing two multi color schemes available then. They really didn't use many sophisticated schemes prior to 1928 beyond black fenders and alternate color on body panels. Stude8


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Hi Brian, I am not sure about the 27 model year but in talking with people at the Studebaker Museum about my 24 model I was told they had standard colors but that you get one about any color you wanted. Once the standard color ran out for the year it was what ever they could get. One of my original studebaker parts manuals states that in order to get the corect parts you had to provide the body and serial number due to the fact that there had been numerous custom units painted. This does not answer your question but for what its worth I am going with a color other than was shown. I am going with what I think will make the car look the nicest to me! Thanks Seaton

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