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1955 Buick Special gauge questions

Guest BuickRob

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Guest BuickRob

I bought a gauge set for my '55 Special off eBay. It appears that the seller just clipped all of the connections to the gauges. For the gauges that are electrical, that should pose no big deal, but what about the temperature and oil gauge? I think the oil gauge is ok as any open tube that can connect to the oil sender (pressure tube) should be suitable as a replacement. But what about the temperature gauge? Didn't Buick still use the ether filled tube for these in 1955? Since the tube is snipped, doesn't this mean I'll have to disassemble the entire gauge set to remove the temperature gauge component, then find a temperature gauge component with the tube still intact and not damaged (i.e. with the tube's integrity not violated, otherwise the gas would have escaped). In essence, if I was told I was getting a functioning gauge set...wasn't this a misrepresentation as the temperature gauge can't be called "functioning" when the tube is cut? Is there any solution other than to find a fully intact and functioning temperature component?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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It probably WAS a functioning gauge set when the moron removed it. However, it isn't now. You're correct in the fact that the temperature gauge is righteously screwed. I don't know what they were using in the tube, but it is a sealed system and without the capillary tube and bulb, it's worthless. Fortunately, there are a number of gauge rebuilders who can repair this for you for not a lot of money. Fixing will probably be easier than finding a functioning replacement.

Sorry about that, but it is repairable. Good luck.

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Guest Carnut101


We can repair your damaged tube-type temp gauge. We can rebuild the gauge w/ new line including calibration for $150 plus return shipping. You can send the gauge in to:

Instrument Specialties

14 Church Street

Oxford, MA 01540




Tel. 508-932-1349

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