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X-mas Wish; 1/4 Scale '34 Cadillac Model

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Although it's seriously mis-labeled, this has to be one of the most important models to come on the market in decades.



It's a 1/4 scale model of a '34 V-12 Series 370D Fleetwood Sedan that could only have come from GM Art & Colour. It appears that the trunk opens, so perhaps the hood & doors do, too; wouldn't a quarter-scale V-12 be incredible?

The 146" whb Fleetwoods were 227 & 9/16" LOA, so this model spans an amazing 57" long!

Time to buy some lottery tickets!


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Nice model.....a few months ago there was another very important model sold on ebay. It went for what I seem to remember as a very low price that I could very well have afforded, but somehow, was not on top of things enough to get it. It was a late 1920's wire frame model of the 1934 Chrysler Airflow. There were a very few made for the dealerships to demonstrate the integrity of the body framework. The salesman would stand on top of it to show that it would not collapse under weight. I believe it was about a 1/8 scale model. I have seen it in my books and in some old film clips of Airflows. Being the avid Chrysler guy that I am, I'm kicking myself for not bidding.

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