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'37 '38 Buick parking lens

Guest Arnold Comproni

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Guest Arnold Comproni

I have been informed that the '37 parking lens was changed about mid year to the almost identical '38 . The total length is the issue, which year is what length? I have one lens with a total length of 2 7/16" with the exposed length (edge of lens in the housing to tip of lens) at 2". The other is total length of

2 1/8" with exposed length of 1 3/4". Any help greatly appreciated.

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Arnold: 1928-1941 Parts Book reads as follows;

Lens, Fender lamp 920662 1937 1st type up to frame #3085180 Flint built cars; C-3046946 California built cars.

921435 1937 2nd type after frame #3085181 Flint cars; #C-3046947 California built cars.

921435 1938 all.

So 1937 2nd type and 1938 all are the same part.

Hope this helps.

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