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'63 Champ PU Carburator Problems

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I've just picked up a 63 6cyl (170) Champ Pickup 3 speed OD with low miles (28m). About 10 years ago the engine was rebuilt but didn't run well and so the owner had the carb rebuilt - and he replaced it himself, but with bad results in that the car wouldn't run and so was parked (!). I bought it and the engine runs great when the throttle is open enough for the carb to operate on the high speed circuit, but it will not idle. There were many incorrect adjustments - now corrected, but it still won't run at or near idle. It acts as if the low speed carb circuit must be plugged, although I blew it out with air. I doubt if a kit will help, but I would be interested in a replacement Carter RBS carb or (maybe more importanly) any ADVICE. The number on the carb on the car is O 1593. Can anyone help?

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