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Judging/Member Records-- Early 60's

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I read in a forum post that somewhere there exists judging records from previous AACA meets.

My "new" 1923 Dodge Brothers depot hack has six AACA metal emblems nailed to the roof. I am wanting to do as much research as possible on this specific car, and would like some advice or direction on locating old records to assist in my search. The truck was alledgedly originally owned by the DuPont family, according to the executor of the estate where I bought it, and I'm just trying to flesh out its history. Any guidance or advice would be greatly appreciated.

The emblems are:

AACA National Fall Meet, Eastern Division, Hershey, PA Oct. 9, 10, 11, 1964

Ocean City, NJ Annual Shore Run, Pottsdam Region, AACA, June 1963

Pottsdam Region, AACA, Shore Run, Ocean City, NJ, June 1964

AACA Annual Spring Meet, Eastern Division, June 1962, Altoona, PA, "World Famous Horse Shoe Curve"

Adventure Village, Near Atlantic City, Annual Run, 1962

Third Annual Spring Meet, Sunday, May 26, 1963, Historic Car Club of Pennsylvania

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