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Automatic Cimate Control system 69 Electra


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I swapped the ACC unit for a standard Climate Control A/C system in my Electra. Now I have all the switches and controls available and hate to throw them away. All have been removed from the casings so they fit in a small box. This includes the program vacuum switch ( which has been refurbished internally and spins as required) The Program vacuum actuator which also functions, and the air door motors and fan switch plus more. All the color coded vacuum hose and electrical wire is also included. There is no fan motor, A/C evaporator,heater core, or water control valve, just the switches, vacuum hose and wiring. I currently have the housings but plan to trash them unless someone lets me know right away that they need them.

These parts are available for the cost of actual shipping plus $10.00 for handling. Shipping from Glenville NY, zip code 12302

This is a rare opportunity to get 90% of the parts this system used as spares for your car.

I also have a NOS water control valve for this system. I'd like to get $25.00 for that plus actual cost of shipping.

See the pics below

E mail questions to jld1972@verizon.net) or call 518 384 7807.





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