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For Sale - Buick Borchures 1950s-1970's

Guest Johnpaul Ragusa

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Guest Johnpaul Ragusa

All these are in good shape but show some age. Nothing falling apart in your hand and no surprises. I needed a 1940 Limited Catalog and had to buy this whole lot to get it.

I have no idea what they are worth and will sell them all together or one at a time. Doesnt matter. If nobody wants them i'll put them on EvilBay. I posted some pics int he memorabilia section and the list is below!

1960 Portfolio of Fine Cars (has Invicta/Lesabre brochures and 2 on Turbine Drive)

1967 Buick Electra 225

1961 Buick Special

1968 Buick Fold out Brochure

1970 "Light you Fire" Buicks

1964 Catalog (64 Pages)

1955 Buick Borchure

1953 Buick DynaFlow Drive Brochure

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