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Model A Woody Plans

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Here is what I found via Google...




National Woodie Club

Reprint of manufacturer's plans for Ford Model A station wagon. Available for $5.00 to National Woodie Club members - a good reason to join!

Wagon Works

Huckster Wagon, Depot Hack and other commercial wood body plans and hardware for Model A and Model T.


213 S. W. Kline

Ankeny, IA 50021

515-964-5085 (evenings)

Send stamped self-addressed envelope for brochure

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I have been looking for a few years also. About the only plans you can find on line are for "depot hacks"...not exactly what everyone wants.

I have decided that those who have plans are not willing to part with them, as they make and sell the wood kits themselves. (They don't want to create competition for themselves.)

Even if you find one of these companies, they probably will not return your call. Most of them don't even waste thier time talking to individual customers, they only want to go through larger distributors to make thier life easier. My dad had a experience with a relatively local company that caused us to come to these conclusions.

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You're about two and a half years late to the prom.

He said he wants a wood cab but a steel bed and front, whatever the heck that means. Sounds like a wooden cab pickup. I picture another Home Depot plywood special.

Be sure to grab a pair of brass porch lamps for cowl lights

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On 9/28/2008 at 3:44 AM, Len Sholes said:

Does anyone know where you can get plans on making a Model A Woody? Thanks

Hi Dear, I think it might be help to you and everyone! This CD include more then 15.000 wood working plan. It's awesome. You only need more life time :)) god bless you 😀


here is the link ; https://bit.ly/30SYFi7 

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