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6 cyl '42 Clipper oil pick-up screen installation.


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A quick question about the above mentioned part -- I removed the oil pan and the pick-up screen came off in my hand. Is the cotter pin installed in the cross-drilled hole in the pick-up tube supposed to be the screen retainer, and shouldn't there be a seal where the screen tube meets to the pick-up tube? If so, what was it and what is it's placement? I think I know how it goes, but the service manual was worthless and I want to make certain I have it right before putting the pan back on.


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Guest imported_Speedster

I've never even been close to the rare '42 Clipper, much less droped the pan on one, but I am curious about your car. Was it originally a military issue in O.D. green, or was it one of the few made before WW2 started?

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