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AACA Western Fall Meet Questions???????


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Hi Gang

Just had a few questions regarding the fall meet this weekend in San Diego:

1. Does the AACA have a "spirit Catagory" in judging? The Olds Club does and they look for club items such as literature, clothing, stickers etc and they deduct points if you don't have those items?

2. What is the dress attire for the saturday night banquet?

3. Would a judging manual be available for sale?

4. Do they judge converts with the top up and windows closed or can the top be down?

5. During judging do they do an operational check of the vehicle?

Thanks for any info, this is my first experience with an AACA event and I can't wait.



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1) No split category - car is judged against factory original standards. No points are deducted for not having the items you listed nor added if you do - with the following exception. Decals (such as engine decals, etc) that were on the car from the factory should be on the car. Decals that were not from the factory and on teh car will most likely result in a point deduction.

2) Casual dress. Most men wear a tie and possibly a sport coat or at least something somewhat dressy. Ladies usually wear similar dress (nice dress slacks, shirt, etc.) I have seen some in blue jeans and t shirts but most folks "dress" up for the dinner. BTW, there is no requirement that you go to the dinner as the awards presenation is usually after the dinner is complete.

3) Yes, but if you go to the Judging school you get one for free

4) Tops must be up for judging. Windows should also be up.

5) No operational check but vehicle must enter the show field under it's own power.

Good luck


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