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Need To Make Wiring Block for 1929

Guest David W

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I have a 1929 Essex that I'm restoring back to original. The wiring fuse strip is gone and I need to make a new one or find someone who makes them. It is essentially a strip of what looks like hard cardboard with 7 screws in a row. At the bottom is a fuse.

Can anyone give me a heads-up on where to get the hard cardboard and parts or point me in the direction of who makes these?

Thank You.


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You have a few options. Restoration Supply Company in California (http://www.restorationstuff.com) has Red Fiber Block to make your own or they have an already made fuse block, both on page 8 of their catalog. Also, they sell lug terminals on page 5.

Another option is to make the block out of black Delrin plastic, available from Small Parts (www.smallparts.com) or Mcmaster-Carr (http://www.mcmaster.com). Small Parts has good pricing for small quantities.

For the terminals that hold the glass fuse, try Newark Electronics or Mouser Electronics (http://www.mouser.com) You may have to buy the whole plastic fuse block and carefully unrivet the metal terminals.

Not sure how accurate you have to be, but perhaps mounting the fuse block from Restoration Supply onto their red fibre board will be acceptable to you.

Use ring terminal lugs where possible instead of spade versions and don't forget to solder the connections to the lugs. Good Luck.

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