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1937 Packard 12 1507 and 1508 Body differences

Tom Laferriere

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The difference is in the body, not the hood and cowl. Both doors may be a little longer, depending on the exact style, but more if not all in the rear door and also you can see the difference in the rear quarter windows - the 1508 is longer there. Yes, the roof will be longer too. The jumpseats sit up against the back of the front seat, and the front seat may well be the same. I have never owned a standard 1507 5 pass sedan, but have looked at a few of them. I do have a club sedan and a 1508 7 pass, and like the 1508s best.

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Guest imported_Speedster

Tom, do you have a picture or more info on the models you are asking about? There were many Coach-Builders making custom bodies in the '30s, to fit Packard chassis.

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