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Question on my 1925 Superior K for sale

Guest 50Special

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Guest 50Special

Due to college tuition pressure (two kids in college eek.gif )and too many projects, I have decided to sell my Superior K four door.

This post has a dual purpose. One, is to let this community know it's available (just listed in Hemmings as well). The other is to seek your opinion of the value. Not too many of these cars seem to be around and changing hands.

I have it listed at what seemed to me to be a very reasonable $11,500 US. I have seen them listed in the $15-25,000 range and mine is a very nice example. I think it is quite correct and very reliable and fun to drive. There is a little clatter in the valve train which seems pretty normal given the lubrication design of these motors. grin.gif

Everything works (lights, horn, easy starting, smooth shifting tracks great, etc.)

Any opinions on the value of these cars or any interest here in purchasing it? Thanks!




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Guest cowboy76

This is a beautiful car! Well done!

Seeing as its a '25, I thought I'd ask,....

Do you have any 1924-25 frames by chance? If I can even get both side rails I'd be happy for now,....something to start with at least! thank you

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