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Seafoam Question:

Guest Drake

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I'm going to do a transmission service next week. I am also going to add a can of Seafoam transmission additive prior to the service ( Filter change & fluid replacement--not a complete fluid flush & fill ).

My question: the directions on the can say, add the Seafoam, drive for approx: 5 miles, and then do a transmission service.

I thought I've read that several of the Forum members added Seafoam, drove their Reattas for a few days, and then serviced the transmission. Yes? No? Your comments are Greatly Appreciated.

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Guest Bobby Valines

I don't know if it would be good to put that in with out being able to change all the fluid, they might be talking about a full rebuild service. If your trans is good and no problem's, I would think twice, if its bad you might not have nothing to lose. Don't know to much about seafoam, personally i wouldn't do it if my trans was working good. Are you having problems with it?

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Bobby, to answer your question. No I'm not having any problems. I just thought after 19 years & 144,000 miles it wouldn't hurt.

CL, looks like I'll be getting a few more quarts of tranny fluid, and flushing all the old fluid out.

Thanks for your input.

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Guest CL_Reatta

NO!, never run a trans dry. This is the precedure as phil describes it:

1. Drop the pan, and do your filter change.

2. Replace pan and put in the new fluid (about 6 quarts on a 4T60)

3. Take the cooler return line off, have someone start the car, and take out about 2 quarts, turn car off.

4. Replace the fluid thru the filler, and then pump out another 2 quarts, and keep doing that procedure until the fluid comes out clean.

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I put in about a pint of Seafoam transtune and left it in 7000 miles ago. Sounds like I better change the fluid. I don't recall reading that it was a flushing item. I used it for a sticking TC clutch. It seems to have worked. Can anyone say for sure which line is the return line, top or bottom?

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