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Need some 'STRUT' input....

Guest wayne2reattas

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Guest wayne2reattas

I need to replace my struts on my '88. I have considered the Gabriel Ultras? Does anyone have any other suggestions? Also when replacing the struts what else should be replaced at the same time ? Strut mounts ? Springs? Thanks in advance!!

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Guest crazytrain2

I replaced mine about 3 months ago and used Gabriel (rear are air adjustable style) Seem to be fine to me, naturally a stiffer suspension but no basis for comparison to another make. I do know that after a 25% rebate I paid $130 for all four.

Springs?, I would doubt you need to replace just try not to scar them while doing uninstall/install.

Mounts? judgement call, see how old ones look once removed - mine were ok.

There are some dust sleeves that you should probably plan to replace - those things are usually shot.

Make sure you mark old strut location on the steering knuckle and mount--VIP

One final note -The nuts came off the strut to knuckle bolts with no problem. Getting them dam bolts to come out BIG Problem - Breaker bar, jack handle as extension, torch and BFH job LOL

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