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For sale: 1941 120 convertible

Dave Mitchell

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For sale: 1941 120 convertible (2 dr) original grey metallic with maroon interior and dash plastic, tan top. A very solid straight car. OD, radio, Packard road and fog lights, front and rear accessory bumper gaurds, K wheel, inner and outer wheel trim rings, rebuilt engine, trans and OD, top and interior have been replaced, paint is original. Runs and drives very nice. Dave Mitchell packard12s@hotmail.com


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I know that cars around today with a certain OEM color are not all identical matches, but I have found a current paint that is a very good match to the Silver French Gray on my car (mine is an old respray, so I can't comment with certainty on OE match, but it does look like the sales info from 1941).

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don't laugh at my fancy supplies -for the Silver French Grey, Plasti-kote Truck and Sport Utility no 1534 Light Smoke Metallic. I've used it to touch up door jambs, etc.

And for the lower, Duplicolor GM380 Medium Garnet Red Metallic

My caution is that I know my car is an authentically-intended repaint, but it is an older repaint. These are very good matches on this car.

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