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1955 manual to power brakes question...


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I'm wanting to add a new brake booster and m.c. to my 55 buick special that now has only manual 4 drum brakes. What size and where can i find an easy intallation part for this project. I dont plan on converting to front discs just yet but I will in the future. I think if the booster came original on the car it was under the driver seat by the m.c. but there is no room for that now b/c i added dual exhaust which took up a lot of space under there. Im sure I need to now put it on the firewall. what advice do you experts have? One guy told me that I should go with a 9" dual diaphram booster, but no need for the proportioning valve until i convert to disc.

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To convert to power brakes on a 55 it takes more than just the booster. You also need the vacuum tank, all the lines including check valves, the brake pedal itself and the linkage. The only way to do it is to find a PB car and get everything related to the power brakes. Then after you get the booster rebuilt and everything restored and installed including all new lines you will have to fabricate yourself, you will find the brakes only marginally better........Bob

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Guest imported_MrEarl

...and the 55's were a BIG improvement over the 54's. With the 54's power brakes, in emergency braking, you'd either end up in the floor board if they worked or they wouldn't work at all and you'd end up in the morgue.

I think I'd stay with manuals until you convert to front discs. I really like the dual diaphragm thought though, especially if it is going to be a daily driver. I'm considering that for my new little Special.

If you need a 55 power brake set up though, MrEarl just happens to have a complete set up he would sell ya. Booster, vacuum tank, fill tube, check valve, and all the metal and rubber lines, clamps etc.(even the HTF little brass fitting for the manifold)

again though, MrEarl recommends staying manual until you convert. wink.gif

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