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need suggestions for pulling a 1923 steering wheel

Guest bkrystad

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Guest bkrystad

Anyone have suggestions on the best way to remove a steering wheel on a 23-4-35? I'm not sure how current steering wheel pullers would work with such a simple hub.

A two-pronged gear puller? If I place a length of 5/8 (interior diam) pipe with a closed end over the throttle and advance tubes to protect them, that would let me pull against the threaded end of the steering wheel tube. Seem reasonable?

Or persuade it with a four-pound hammer and wood block?

Suggestions appreciated,

-Byron Krystad

Seattle, WA

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I have never needed to use a puller on a Buick steering wheel with throttle and advance levers. I just remove the levers, apply PB Blaster penetrating oil and wait overnight for it to work.

Then I use some gentle persuasion with a small hammer and wood block against the hub next to the steering column. This has always done the trick for me. There is no need to protect the tubes with this method.

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