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follow up on nj parts car auction in april

Guest js65cv

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out of the 129 cars auctioned, i was wondering if any of the posters here purchased any of these cars?

this is regarding the michalenko auction from rosemont nj.

we know that 59 were crushed including the diamond t, the hupmobile, several 20s and 30s cadillacs, the 57 lincoln, several t birds, the mopar police car, the 62 nova, the 50 chrysler, both 50 fords, the 49 ford, the studebaker truck, the 55 olds, the kaisers etc.....

we were wondering out of what was left, what were the intentions? restoration or parts?

if anyone purchased one of these for restoration, let me know.

you can read about this auction in this months cars & parts magazine


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