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'56 Century speedo gears?

Guest NikeAjax

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Guest imported_NikeAjax

Are these the right numbers for the gears I have?

Driven gear: 19T 1315021

Gear on U-joint: 8T 1171028

I have the end of my tranny apart and want to know if these are right; my speedo doesn't read the right way, too fast

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Seems to be the right T 19 but my Buick no.is 4.337-1168737.This is if you have an axel ratio 3.36.

Driving gear no.is as yours 4.343-1171028.This no.is only for 1956 DF.

But in my opinion the problem you have is in your speedometer,I think you have to adjust the speedometer.

Leif in Sweden.

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