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Extended cab sports car?


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I was just looking at my Reatta sitting beside my extended cab Dodge Dakota and it dawned on me that they had a lot of things in common.

They both are red, both have about the same size V6 (3.8 versus 3.7), both have rack and pinion steering, both have a console and bucket seats, both have driving lights and both have about the same amount of room behind the front seats.

Should the Reatta be considered an extended cab (or club cab) sports car? On second thought maybe the Dakota should be considered an ugly sports car with a bed on it. grin.gif

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Guest Greg Ross

Sounds like a "Slow News Day" to me!

Ronnie, had a look around your site for the first time today and want to thank you. Was looking to print off a bunch of Reatta DIY material for a new Reatta Owner in my area who's not internet saavy. Great help having it all linked in the one Site.


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