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maybe we could get a little more detailed explaination? inside trim /outside trim ? what is different?I,m new to this restoration game ,I.m trying to figure out what it is that is setting on my friend's lawn.I know that it is a '53 Chevy 2dr hardtop nonpost belair,is it more rare than a 210 or 510 and what is the major differences in the "trim"? Thanks

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The 53 belair had two stainless strips on the rear quarter that came to point at the rear. the 210 had a single strip that ran the whole way back.The belair had a different color in the insert.

The belair was trimmed much nicer inside than a 210.

99028 belair hardtops were made verses 14045 210 hardtops.

base price on a belair was $2051 the 210 $1967.most people paid the extra for the much nicer trimed bel air.

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