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Need 40sSprint Car Hauled from Seattle Wa. to Ocala,Fla Leads?

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Hey George,

I will pass on what I learned when shipping my 36 cad from orlando to Lynnwood Wa ( 10 miles north of Seattle) a few months ago.

You can call pretty much any trucking outfit and request inside hauling and ship as a not running car, (unless you can GUARANTEE it will start everytime)

when you call, about $150.00 will go to the dispatcher you call. the rest will go to the trucker. Your order will go on a national trucker dispatch and wait for a trucker to pick it up. Truckers look to fill their trucks both ways and Seattle is not a busy area compared to the rest of the country. If someone quotes you a cheep price ($1500) It will sit on the dispatch and wait forever and no trucker will pick it up for that price. I paid 1800 for outside hauling, you will pay about 2000 to 2500 for inside

Good luck

the more you pay the sooner it will get picked up


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