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Guest imported_virgilmule

Six years into the restoration, and my 1930 Model 79 looks like this. I took it for its first REAL drive this weekend: six miles on VERY hilly roads ("around the block" out here in the boonies!). It did fine until I climbed the last - and steepest - hill. It was overheating as I pulled into the garage.

The remaining two doors get painted this week. Then, a month of puttering and muttering. Then, the upholsterer gets his turn with it. It will be the first time in 78 years that the car has spent the winter in a warm garage!

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Guest GreenSixteen

I am compiling a registry of all known Marmon automobiles. If you are a member of the Marmon Club, I probably already have you in it, but if you are not, I would very much like to include you and you car. To do so, I would need to know your car and engine serial numbers, the year and model, and your own contact information, if you wouldn't mind sharing it. Let me know.

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