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Has anyone heard how are freinds in Houston are doing.

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I spoke with some friends in Houston yesterday who said they were still without power. They said that at least it was cooler, than it has been so being without AC isn't as bad as if it was still Houston hot and muggy. Their business is back on the grid though, so they are able to take their fridge items there.

Galveston is pretty much gone from what I have seen on the local news, and apparently there are long gas lines south of here making refueling difficult at best. All of our highway notification billboards are saying not to travel south.

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90% of metropolitan Cincinnati lost electric power from the hurricane on Sunday afternoon. I just got mine back Tuesday, and I was one of the first. I still lost almost all of my food.

As of right now (Wed. AM) most of the city and suburbs still doesn't have any power. All of the crews Duke Power sent to the Gulf had to be recalled, plus many more were brought in.

Large trees are blown down everywhere here (75 mph winds), but there was almost no rain. I haven't seen any antique cars damaged, but 2 people on my street lost their daily drivers. They're hardly alone. Many houses are damaged, and especially church roofs.

I was driving the TR6 back from Tennessee during the storm. I had a 20-50 mph tail wind the whole way. The car ate a lot of leaves, but got great gas mileage.

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Here is a before and after shot of what IKE did to on town along the coast. Gilchrist was hit by a double wammy, forst the storm surge and wind came in from the south, knocking building off foundations. They the ey passed over and then the wind and rain and storm surge came back from the NORTH washing the building out to sea.

Saw an article Monday about a man who was washed out of his house on Boliver penisula, by the grace of God, he found a kayack and survived for 17 hours.

Still no word from my friends who live close to the coast, I hope they evacuated.




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