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'48 Connie Wiper Motor


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Go back to the bottom of page 5, look at "37 zephyr wipers".

I fitted a modern 12 volt wiper motor to my 6volt Zephyr, but left it so that it could easily be changed back to vacuum if required, and retains the normal dash wiper knob, there are a couple of pics there.

The speed is sedate, but quite adequate.


Peter Smith UK

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Before you go to changing it out, try taking it out and putting 2-3 drops of gear oil in the inlet tube, let it sit there for 2-3 minutes then move the arm back and forth, the gear oil will make the felts swell back up and make a good seal. I have done it to 3 of my Packards and they still work perfect and thats been more than 7 years ago for the first one, just did it to my 36 and they work great and doesnt cost much at all.Learned it from my Grandfather who is 91 and he learned the trick back in the 30s.

Good Luck with it no mater which way you choose.

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Hello, I am new here and new to the Lincolns as well.

Here is my situation:

I am restoring a 1948 Lincoln Continental for a gentleman and someone has already pulled the dash apart. I rewired the entire dash and am ready to install it. Here's where the problem comes up, the wiper motor is the old vacuum one and I can't figure out how to hook it up.

I have a "push-pull" switch on the left corner of the dash with 3 vacuum lines going to it, two of them go down and out the kick panel area and one is hanging in the interior not connected.

I then have a pull switch with a "W" on it (chrome) that has 4 ports on the back. The wiper motor also has 2 ports but the one on the left is capped off.

Does anyone know how I should be connecting this up?

I also have a few other questions as I go along so I am really hoping for some help with this.

Thank you very much.

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The "push-pull" on the far left is for the vacuum atenna. The "W" is the wiper switch. Can't tell you what the "4th" port is for on the Continental switch? Regular Lincolns only had 3 ports. Maybe V12 Bill can shed some light on this ? The wiper motor should have 2 vacuum ports...one for "running" and the other is for "parking". The main vacuum hose line from the vacuum tank ( or engine) feeds 1 port on the "W" switch and 2 hoses from 2 ports on the switch connect to the wiper motor. I'm guessing but that 4 th port may have been for an accessory windshield washer?

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Ok, just found the vacuum canister today for the car, didn't even know there was one so that was a plus.

Wow, didn't even think about it having a "vacuum antenna", I will look at that further either tomorrow or Monday when I'm back at the shop.

I was able to snap a few pictures of both the switch and the motor today, they are a little difficult to see completely because the dash is half in the car while I am trying to hook everything up.

Another question that maybe someone can answer... I'm seeing a flasher mentioned for the turn signals but I don't see one anywhere on the firewall. I do see a stud on the perforated metal box where all the main wires connect to but no flasher, anyone have a picture of what I should be looking for?




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