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Mr. Dotson's and Mr. Stelford's Peerless Collections

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Thanks for responding. Yes, it is Dexter Dotson's collection I am referring to.

I am interested in general information regarding the collection-how many cars, model #'s, if any pictures survive of the collection, how/when/where was the collection dispersed,where the cars are now, how Mr. Dotson began his collection, why he chose Peerless, etc.

Thanks for any information you may have in advance!


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The Dotson collection was sold several years ago. If you are interested in seeing what was in his collection Don Bettes has a vidio of them. The Rosco Stelford collection was also sold. Rosco bought his first Peerless in the early 30's as a used car, he put on over 200,000 miles before it started using oil. He put it in the barn and bought another Peerless but he said he only got 180,000 miles on that one. He did this several times intending to rebuild them someday. He had 11 Peerless cars of the late 20's and early 30's including a V-12 Pierce-Arrow with hydralic valve lifters. His collection was sold after his death, his son Rodney has a 1929 6-91 coupe from his fathers collection. I have no idea of who bought the other cars.

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The Stelford Collection had a lot of things - besides Peerlesses, one person claimed there were lots of Packards out in a field when there in 1971. The Cord Prototype Paul Bryant found was from there. Richard Lichtfeld used to get parts for his 1916 Peerless V-8 from Roscoe in the Fifties. These cars were for sale about 1986:

  1. 1927 6-72 5-P Sedan, Raulang Body...went to Emporia, KS...then Belgium
  2.  1927 8-69 5-P Sedan
  3.  1928 8-69 7-P Sedan, may have Pullman Body tag...went to William Backer/Autoworld Museum, allegedly still in off-site building, unrestored
  4.  1926-28 8-69 rolling chassis
  5.  1928 6-80 Roadster Coupe
  6.  1929 6-81C 4-P Victoria Coupe
  7.  1929 6-91 2-P Cabriolet (coupe)
  8.  1931 Master 8 Deluxe 4-Dr. Sedan
  9.  1931 Custom 8 5-P Sedan, Hayes Body (titled '31, body plate '32)...went to museum in MO...then Texas...then overseas
  10.  1932  Master Deluxe 8 4-Dr. Sedan...went to museum in MO...then Texas...then overseas
  11.  1931 Custom 8 Cabriolet (rolling chassis, body fire during Prohibition, 6,000 miles)
  12. 1929 8-125 4-Dr. Sedan (may be around Fulton, MO but unlocated...same model shown at Amelia Island recently, 7 known to still exist)
  13.  1928 6-81 4-Dr. Sedan (for parts)
  14.  1929?  Nash Convertible Coupe
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