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Hi Guys i am new to the Willy's scene i had a few questions....

My buddy is saling his car

i think it is a 1951 or 1952 2 door hard top i am not sure what model name it is....

He is wanting 6,500 for it and i am wondering if it is too much..

he says he has the back seat and all the strips for it also...








Thanks in advance for the input.

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The car is a 1954 or 55 and is a Willys Bermuda. In Ohio the price of 6,500 would be for a running car in good condition. I can't speak for California. Does the engine turn over, remove the plugs and try to turn it over by hand with the fan blade. Is this a 6 cyl or 4 cyl engine? Based on the dust, it looks like has sat for some time. You may need to replace all the rubber hoses including the brake master cylinder and wheel cylinders.

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I checked it and there is hardly any rust at all. It has been setting for about a year but he said it was his daily driver... One thing he did mention was that i needed to get the master brake booster fixed because the seals needed to be replaced and the trans stick is broke so he said i needed to find a bolt to match it up. it does start. I did notice the tail lights cracked and the door glass cracked on both sides... Also i think it is a 6 cylinder deasil.

Does anyone know how much it cost to get the master brake booster fixed??? the guy stated $150

Also is it a very rare car?

Agian thanks for all the help i am just getting into old car stuff.. all i have ever dealt with was mini trucks.

Also i just bought a 66 coupe deville so soon i will be asking questions about it also.

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Someone has swapped out the original engine. It looks to be a Japanese diesel of some sort. This thing is a real project. If you are not a real competent mechanic and innovator, I would pass on it, especially at that price. Who knows what kind of other non stock, mystery, parts it has. It's a nightmare. Spend the time and $$$$ on the Cad.

i would pass

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It's a 1954 Willys. Depending on the model, you can't tell from the pictures because the stainless steel body trim has been removed when it was "customized", the original engine was F head 4 or 6 cylinder.

With "customization" and engine and/or drive line transplant, I would give it a maximum value of $1,500.

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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: Roger Walling</div><div class="ubbcode-body">NADA (original car)

Low Retail, Avg. Retail, High Retail

Base Price $3,100 $5,175 $7,350 </div></div>

This is WAY below "Low Retail" condition. It's a (very good) parts car or a street rod project, and worth about $1000-$1500 either way. Typical of street rods, it will either find a new owner with a new vision (very soon) or become next year's Hyundai fender.

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Note to all posters/car fans: The Company that produced the car is question is the Willys-Overland company of Toledo Ohio. It is named for John North Willys (pronounced ("Willis"), who rescued the floundering Overland Company and added his name. It is not, and is never to be refereed to as "Willy's", that means that something belongs to someone named Willy.

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Considering the modifications made to the powertrain, I would think 2k is about what it is worth. Now if was original it might be worth 4K. And yes it definitely is a 54 model.

55 models had a drastic change in tailights. 54 added the bottom pieces to the old tailights. They also had the hooded headlight trim.

And as I recall the 54 and 55 models were manufactured by the Kaiser Willys corporation. Kaiser had already bought Willys Overland in 53.

I also believe that they dropped the "AERO" prefix for the models and just went with ACE, Custom, Bermuda, etc.

One other thing. There was an optional 226 flathead six that was used in Kaisers (some had Mach superchargers). GM hydramatic was also offered in late 53, 54, 55 models too.

I have a 53 Aero Eagle with a f head 161 six and 3 speed and overdrive. Really a durable and dependable car.

Too bad the one in question is so "butchered up"!

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Two door hardtop makes it an Eagle 1952-1954 or a 1955 Bermuda. One-piece windshield eliminates 1952, one-piece back glass eliminates 1953. Headlight bezels confirm it's 1954 or 1955. Bumper guards, taillamps, parking lamp bezels, instrument panel and grille tell us it's a 1954 Eagle Deluxe. It probably had the 226 Kaiser/Continental flathead engine at one time.

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That poor Willys must have be terribly slow, when or if it ran, with that Nissan 2.2L diesel engine. It only put out about 62 HP. I had an 82 Datsun (Nissan) pick up with that engine and even that truck was slow but it could get up 70 MPH if you had patience.

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