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1950 Olds 303- where are the engine numbers?


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This story is too long, but I sold my '50 Futuramic 98 this summer to a fellow who promptly listed it on ebay and sold it to a collector in Italy. At this moment, the Olds is sitting around NY harbor and can't leave the country because the title VIN and nameplate VIN don't match. Come to find out that in WI, sometimes way back then they listed the engine numbers as the title VIN, and sometimes the frame numbers. Of course, the motor vehicle dept. can't write a testimonial as to their VIN numbering scheme from the '50's, but the very nice lady in the research dept. said that the title VIN (8A314650H) might be an engine number. Just for info, the nameplate VIN is 509MI7852. I'm trying to help out the guy I sold it to. If this is an engine number, where on the block would it be found? He will call out to NY and see if they will release the car for shipment based on that (not likely), but at least it would be a step in the right direction to be able to provide that information.

Thanks for the help. This is a tough situation to be in. I'm not responsible, but I feel obligated to help out.

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The 8A3 number is an engine number and the 509M number is the VIN number so they are reversed as you expected. The engine number is on the left side of the block, back half. You have to look down between the cylinder head and the exhaust manifold to see it and likley wipe the area off. See picture attached.


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Bob, thanks for the info. That should settle the matter as far as our end is concerned. We'll let the boys at the impound lot in NY harbor know what the deal is, and see what they do. Your block looks clean enough to eat off of. Beauty.

Very much appreciated, really. Thanks, Chris

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