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I Joined R-Div Yesterday.

ol' yeller

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I need to send my membership in as well. Did my BCA membership a couple of months back, but never go the card. Just got my first copy of the Buick Bugle so now I have my BCA number and can finally send in the completed form for the R-DIV and get that too! Oh, and can't wait for the December issue featuring the Reatta. Looks like I joined just in time.


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Kevin, You are 100% correct the December issue of the Bugle is going to be dedicated to our Reattas. That being said, if you are on the discussion group and not a member of the BCA and the Reatta division you are going to miss out. Now is the time to join up and get all of the information, you know that the December issue of the Bugle will become a collector issue for future Reatta owners and it is less that a tank of gas to join up. The Bugle is one of the best club publications being done today and Pete Phillips does and outstanding job and he will be assisted by our own Nancy Eaton for this issue.

Join now Don't snooze and loose.


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