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1937 LaSalle sedan to trade for Packard

Guest gerg

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I have a 1937 LaSalle sedan for sale ($12,000) but would like to trade for a '36 -'40 Packard sedan since I have always wanted one.

The LaSalle is a 30 year old restoration and definitely shows it's age but it is a runner and driver and makes a good appearance from 20 feet, the old "20 footer".

I would like something in similar condition or of similar value as I would look to make a striaght trade.

I can suppy full details and lots of photos to interested parties.

I am located in Ferndale, WA (NW corner of the state).

Let me know what you have!



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I found a Packard that I think would make me happy. All I need is some cash to buy it. Reducing the price on the LaSalle to $11,000.

Or if all the members want to kick in $10 to the help Craig buy a Packard fund that would be okay too. Just 1,000 people to kick in $10 each would get the job done.


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