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Packards in England

Guest mk14dr

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Hi, Im Dave from England.

I'd like to post some pics of my girlfriends Dad's Packards for you to have a gander at...

Firstly his 52' 200 Manual non-custom. Its a 2 owner Maryland car. Originally owned by a doctor.

Here it is with my car....







He also has what I believe to be a '38 120 opera coupe. this is RHD and as originally sold to the Managing Director of MG cars.

Again, here it is with my car....





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Then theres the cream one, I know very little about this apart from it was imported from victory classics in ft Lauderdale in 2004/05 and this was its only show out in england when i took this pic.


And the red one (or the deadwood stage as he calls it :D) Again, this thing is so awful to drive on our roads, Ive only seen it once in 4years :rolleyes:smile.gif


I hope you enjoy the pics smile.gif


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Guest imported_Speedster

Hello Dave,

Thanks for the Great pictures!

We here in the USA sometimes forget how many Packards there are 'Across the Pond'. blush.gifgrin.gif

I really liked the one in a large parking area with the very English looking buildings in the background. grin.gif

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Guest imported_Speedster

<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: mk14dr</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> this thing is so awful to drive on our roads, </div></div>

I'm curious why it's "Awful to drive"? Is it only because of the Left-hand-drive (that you're not accustomed to), or is there some other reason?

I've never driven in the UK so I have no idea.

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I have to say, I haven't driven the 'red one'. It being LHD doesn't bother me, its not like its got the power to be overtaking folks, however John assures me that its a real handfull on our potholed, uneven roads.

It must be prety bad, as the '52 isn't exactly the last word in handling. Changing direction , even on brand new whitewall radials, induces squeeling and screaching and is sketchy at best...

Im gonna try and get some pics of the interiors this weekend. I believe the opera coupe is mostly original, whereas the '52 has had some paint (originally dark green??) and has been retrimed.


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Packards were known for their ease of handling and fine road manners and were very stable at high speeds.

Perhaps your Packard needs an alignment, or the shock absorbers need attention.

If your car has lever action shocks fill them up with shock absorber fluid or hydraulic jack oil if you can't get the right fluid.

If that doesn't help maybe you are used to driving much smaller lighter cars. Try driving it like a Rolls. Think of driving the dowager duchess to the queen mum's garden party. Or, if that doesn't work, imagine you have a car full of sleeping babies.

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