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gas line leak

Guest daveagain909

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Guest weewilly

I'm looking at a inexpensive 90 reatta for sale. It has 2 problems

1. headlight switch. (no problem can get one) Any sellers?

2. car has a gas line leak to back center of car. Any Ideas?

Easy fix?

big Problem?

I can get more info from seller, need help in order to get it home. it is about 150 miles away.

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Guest alex_houston

as line would be no issue for me. I have several here but I am not sure what years interchange. Not too big a job to switch them out. Could just be o-rings at the hose connections if I remember correctly and am not mixing up cars.

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Guest steakneggs

I hope it is as easy as A. H. says. The Steakmobile's lines are really rusty. The brake line that ran next to them rusted through. The fittings look like they would be frozen and impossible to loosen (the definition of frozen). Also it looks like the lines disappear above the gas tank. They do join a rubber hose somewhere at the back which might come off easy. Also they have a union near the front so that you don't have to remove the unrusted front part and can buy a shorter length at a parts place and not have to go crawling to the dealer for an exact replacement. Steak

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