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WTB wood wheel hub puller tool 2-3/4" diam x 16 thread RH

Guest stude8

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Have to remove the rear wheels on my 1928 Studebaker Commander wood wheel car and find of the four hub pullers in my collection none are the right size. Need to buy, rent or trade for? a 2-3/4" diam x 16 threads RH thread on hub puller. Communicate to "studeracer_37@yahoo.com"

Thanks, Stude8

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I have one here in the UK, for my 1928 and 1930 Sudebakers. What I did was buy a puller which was slightly too small and then had a machine shop put the correct thread in for me. Also prior to buying this one I borrowed one which was Hydraulic, this couldn't get the wheel off however the standard one with just a large bolt down the middle did the trick with ease.

Incidentally my 1932 Oldsmobile has the same size thread and so my puller also works on that car, you may want to ask on the Oldsmobile section

Wayne Smith

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I need the same 2 3/4 diameter 16 thread, RH thread wheel hub removal tool for the rear hubs on my 1927 Packard. Communicate to Navy65@windstream.net. Packard calls the hub remover a S.T. 123 (special tool).

I forwarded to your email address my print for the hub tool and photos of pulling the hubs with it on my 1928 Studebaker Commander that are the same size you are looking to pull. THis forum does not accept .DOC files so can't attach the print for the tool here.




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