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Guest CT Mark

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Guest CT Mark

Just found out that I am too late to register my car for Fall Hershey. I see that the deadline was 8/17 but I wasn't really sure if my car was going to be ready. I needed to get the hood re-painted and my body guy's son became seriously ill and was hospitalized. It's a family business, so when the son was sick, both were out. frown.gif

Does anyone know who I can call to try and beg my way in? Is it even possible?

Thanks in advance.

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Been there, done that, and all I can say is learn from it.

In the future if there is any chance that the car may be done in time, enter it for Hershey. If you don't make it, eat the $25. In our case two years ago we didn't even have the engine, transmission, doors, front clip, the interior, the glass or the wiring in our fire truck and we still entered it. To avoid not having a car in the show, we entered our old pickup just in case. As fate had it, we loaded the fire truck on a borrowed trailer and hauled our pickup in our enclosed trailer. We got there on Tuesday, spent Tuesday and Wednesday looking for parts to finish the truck, spent all day Thursday working on the truck, went back and spent Friday until about 3pm hunting for more parts, worked on the truck until dark, put it on the show field on Saturday morning, and won our First Junior. The brakes weren't fully adjusted and started smoking as we went past the Giant Center, the truck stalled, and we managed to get it running, and we still got our First Junior.

In the future, whether or not it's done, enter it. We usually send in our entry around the 4th of July.

$25 lost is better than having the car done, and having it sitting home due to the deadline. We missed the 2001 meet, I got sent to Afghanistan and missed 2002, and didn't get to see the truck at Hershey until 2006.

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