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My "NEW" 1989 Reatta

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I watched this car posted in my local newspaper since early May. I couldn't hold back any longer and made the phone call. I am not sorry I called. The car has received TLC for the past 19 years by the original owner. I am now the 2nd proud owner. See attached pictures. The car has the original tires, 6,865 miles, sunroof, everything power, not even any scuffs on the leather seats.



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Guest my3buicks

Great find Tom!! I am a little jeleous, I have had the hots for a Reatta for a while now, and a sunroof car in white and red would have been my first choice. I had heard about this car being for sale, but alas, now was not the time for me to be buying another car.

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Thanks everyone for the kind words. I didn't really need another car, but this is a once in a life time find. The guy selling just got tired after 19 years of taking care of it. He was the original owner, and is the same age as me. He took meticulous care of the car but never drove it to car shows. He was a typical Western PA mill worker who had his every day pickup truck and this car for nice sunny days.

Me getting this car seems like it was fate. Here is the story. I started to see it in the paper back in early May. by Late May, I posted the listing here on the Reatta board hoping someone from the BCA would buy it so I wouldn't have it haunting me in the newspaper. No such luck. By July the ad no longer appeared in the paper so I thought I was safe. No such luck. By Early August the same ad showed up again in the local paper, again in the standard used car section, not the classic/antique section. I had this major internal wresting match going on. "Yes I should call and go see the car - no you're crazy don't call. Back and forth I went all summer. My wife was supportive as she really likes the Reatta and wanted one too. By Sunday August 31, I couldn't stand it any longer and had to call. Here is where it really gets weird with fate or serendipity. When I called for directions to go visit the car, I found out the location was directly across the street from my sisters old house she moved away from 14 years ago. So the families were very familiar with each other. Then, the 83 year old mother of the 53 year old single guy who owns the car indicated she is originally from the same town where I currently live - about 30 miles away. As it turns out, she dated my sister-in-law's father back in high school. So it was really a pleasant "small world" experience.

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