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1932 New York Auto Show Dates


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The 1932 NY Auto Show appears to have run from January 9-16, according to two articles from the <span style="font-style: italic">New York Times.</span>


My November 5, 1932 <span style="font-style: italic">Automobile Topics</span> has a piece on page 11 about the '33 NY Show stating, among other things, that the color schemes for the upcoming NY Show would be: "main floor-green, buff and silver; second floor-buff and rose; third floor-blue and gold; fourth floor-orange and blue."

The piece also lists the colors for the upcoming Chicago Show.

The bearing that this has on your request is that the exhibitors knew in advance the colors that would be used at each show, and could co-ordinate their cars and displays accordingly.

I would recommend contacting the AACA Library and finding out what they have before and after the show in <span style="font-style: italic">MoToR, Automobile Topics</span>, etc. All the trade mags did lengthy articles with loads of pix and exhibitor info in the issue right after the show. If the AACA Library doesn't have it, contact the Automotive Collection at the Free Library of Philadelphia.

FYI, when you do a Google search of pretty much anything historic, usually at the bottom of the page will be <span style="font-style: italic">NY Times</span> articles on the subject. Sometimes the articles are free, but in this case it'll cost $4.95 per to get the full story.

Hope this helps,


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Thanks TG, that does answer my question. I have seen the "Motor" special car show issues but I really needed the date to see if a car that I am trying to find info on could have been sold at the show. See Buick prewar to read about it.

thanks again,


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