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Reatta Price Evaluation

Al Hay

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Hi Al, I too am new here and have not seen a "sheet" but In my research, I have seen prices from 3k to 12K. The 12k was a low miles convertible. Someone here just paid almost 10k for a coupe, but it was like new with less than 7k miles. In my opinion it was well worth it. low miles add value. If it was never hit, or never had paint work it adds value. I know I did not answer your question, but I hope I helped a little. Rich.

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Thanks for your information. I have a 91, Reatta Coupe, green, with 146,000 miles on it. I would say it is in good condition. I have looked around a little on E-bay, Reatta classifieds, Autotrader.com, and kbb.com.

Thanks again,


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Reatta prices is a moving target.

It would be nice if someone would do a chart/graph......

One for coupes and one for convertibles.

They could be charted by selling(asking?)price and mileage.

I did that a few years back on paper and it gives you a pretty good idea of the trends.

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Guest CL_Reatta

I would say that for our "average" reatta's (not super low miles, or mint condition, etc.) That finding the median value between Nadaguides and kbb is the value of a Reatta. Edmunds is WAY to low, kbb is fairly close, but nada is kinda high. I have found that if you have a reatta with a sunroof add about $400-600 and 16 way maybe $300. CD player about $200.

That is just my opinion though.

As for the more mint, rare, "better" ones, that is more of a play it by what you think its worth.

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