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cd player issue


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Hi all, it is newbee Rich here. I just purchased a 1990 maui blue, and while I am going over it noticed the cd player is not working. I put in a disc, the radio mutes for about 45 seconds and then it ejects the disc. It never plays. I tried several discs. I tried factory made cds, and home burnt cds and I get the same result. Sometimes the cd player says err and sometimes it doesn't, but it wont play. The cd unit has power as some of the lights work and it loads and ejects properly. The car has 65k miles, although, I am sure it has not had a cd played in it for quite a while if ever. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Rich.

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I sell Reatta parts and it is very rare to find a working CD player. On my shelf I have about 25 players just like yours. Some don't do anything but most of them, like yours, will accept the CD, try and play it, and then reject the CD with the err message.

I believe there are places that can repair them and maybe the laser is just out of adjustment but I have also heard that parts are not available for them anymore.

Good luck.

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Guest MauiWowee

<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: 63viking</div><div class="ubbcode-body">If you want your CD player to play all CD's, including the one's you copy from home, I have a Co. that repaired my CD and it plays all CD's. </div></div>

Does that include MP3s Jon? cool.gif

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Just a quick note:

There is no MP3 support on these factory CD players. This requires additional hardware (in the player) to decode the compressed file format. Worth noting is that MP3, as a format, was not developed until the mid-late 90's, well after these players were made. Further, MP3 direct playback CD players were not common until after 2001-02.

A properly functioning factory player should play back CD-R's with standard digital audio (.WAV) format files. CD-RW's will probably choke in most cases due to lesser reflectivity of the recording media, so avoid using those for making custom discs you plan to play in the Reatta.

If you want to play back MP3's from a CD, you'll need an aftermarket deck. To stay 100% stock, the better option is probably to get a small portable MP3 player (Ipod or the like) and use a cassette adaptor. While this isn't a great fix, it is better than a FM transmitter, most of which sound lousy IMHO.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news.


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That motor is just great 301 hp! you are passing v8 numbers. If you are ever bored, I would love to know all the induction parts you used ( heads,blower and so on). I would like to do a similar mod. The torque steer is inherent, but aluminum block would eliminate a lot ( machined and inserted in place of motor and trans mount rubber, but of course vibration becomes an issue. The boy racers use this on japanese cars but like I said it does vibrate. Bad. Maybe there is a neoprene mount available which would be a good compromise. thanks again, Rich

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