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Mystery Horn Rings

Dave Henderson

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These two came from a junkyard about 35 years ago. The owner occasionally bought obsolete nos from new car dealers. I recall in particular that there were unused parts for Packard, Kaiser and Ford in the shed where these were found. Any ideas? Could the smaller one be Kaiser Darrin?

Part #'s are: big one; 716218 36

small one; 8859


Thanks for looking. Dave


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Thanks for identifying these horn rings. I'll gladly consider your offer if you care to make one, and will also listen to swaps for parts for XK120 Jaguar, 812 Cord, '31 Model A, '64 Comet Caliente or '83 Buick Regal w/ T top & turbo, on the off chance you may have something. I do sell at Hershey and occasionally on ebay. Dave

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My Hershey space will be CE76, listed under Walt Bratton, who is a member of our Model A chapter. As for meeting up, unless you have a nearby space, it could be iffy. I do roam around a lot, and do not take a cell phone to Hershey.

I can tell you this about the rings, it is doubtful that you would find a nicer nos pair. The chrome is bright, and flaws due to ageing are small and relatively unnoticeable. Are they hard to find? I really don't know, not being a KF expert as you. If you care to live it up and make me an offer now, I don't think you will be disappointed when you get them. Dave

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We're in CH 8-9, just down the way from you...I'll track you down when we get there!

By the way, I do have a small pile of NOS and NORS Model A parts...all ignition and probably stuff you have lots of, but thought I'd mention it anyway. There's a new distributor, a few caps, some marked Ford, several rotors and rotor caps and other odds and ends like breaker plates, points and a condenser or two. All are from a Ford dealer that closed in the early 50's. I'd be willing to swap up or down!

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