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Relationship between Fisher Body number and Chassis number?


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My car has the ID plate missing, but I have tracked down a US 1937 Model 47 firewall ID plate. The numbers mostly match my vehicle. This Fisher body number cannot obviously be correct for my vehicle, because the plate is from another vehicle.

My question. Is there a tie between body number and chassis number, and does that body number put the body into a certain time slot? Dave C. is very helpful putting number into expected time slots, but the body number is rarely mentioned, Dave can you help again please. The body number I have is 16188.

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Dear Neil:

The tie between body number, frame number and engine number is there and it's sort of linear within a given model year, but for lots of reasons, there's lots of "variance around the mean", as a statistician would say. Generally, cars early in the model year have the lowest numbers and cars at the end the highest numbers, but Buick was kinda loose on this and didn't attempt to match things. This practice started early. I have a copy of the actual 1907 Buick records for the Jackson plant. The variance is high there. I've noticed that +/- a month isn't at all unusual, and +/- 2 months isn't unknown.

1937 is among the worst years for linearity (which is good for you) as the Fisher body strike really messed things up at Buick.

I'll be glad to help, but need the body number on the plate, your frame number and the engine number.

Regards, Dave Corbin

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