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Incredible Collection Selling MONDAY 9/1 at Auburn

Guest 70 Electra

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Guest 70 Electra

Just found out a friend of mine is selling his collection of over 100 cars at NO RESERVE at Auburn Indiana Kruse auction on MONDAY Sept 1.

This includes some REALLY interesting late 50s to mid 60s cars. Check out the partial list below. Description and small pix are on the Kruse website. Note that you can bid online, if you are unable to attend the auction.

Sorry for the short notice. I just found out yesterday when I was at the auction myself. I suspect many will go for waay cheap, as there was no advance promotion and nothing in the Kruse catalog.

58 Plymouth Sport Suburban (9-pass) wagon--Calif car, & w/ NOS fabric cloth included #1519

58 Edsel Bermuda 4dr wagon #1524

65 New Yorker TC wagon w/ leather, frt & rear AC, etc 1 of 1697 #1552

61 Imperial conv w/ AC #1564

58 Fury coupe w/ 2x4 engine #1569

59 Dodge Custom Royal 2ht, w/ AC and swivel seats #1567

58 Dodge Custom Royal 2ht #1523

57 New Yorker 2ht #1527

58 Packard Hawk supercharged 1of 2 w/ fact AC #1539

61 Newport conv #1456

61 300G coupe #1565

58 Packard 2dr ht 1 of 675 #1572

64 Electra coupe w/ leather, buckets, console AC, and 2x4 425 engine #1513

60 Ford convertible #1515

60 Edsel Ranger 4ht #1502

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It is unfortunate for your friend. The swap meet area had only 10% of the feet walking from 5 years ago. The $20.00 entrance fee on Saturday was a real bite!!!! You could have sent a sabot round down the isles at the swap meet and hit no one. And I would guess 60% of the spaces were sold. It was real real really bad!!!!I cannot imagine your friend getting the money he is hoping for. Why was there no advance promotion??!! If someone says a hundred thousand people were there, I would consider the source. I bet it was an auctioneer.

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